Friday, May 20, 2016

Explaining League of Legends

Nicholas Welsch Preciado is an artist and designer currently pursuing a degree in Game Design at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Nicholas is also an avid gamer and has attended many conventions in his local area. One year at PAX Prime, Nicholas Welsch Preciado was selected to play against the CEO and Creators of League of Legends at the end of Season 2. This experience really pushed Nicholas forward in his pursuit for a career in this industry.

Nicholas Welsch Preciado - League of Legends

League of Legends is a team based strategy game. In the game you get to choose your character which all have different abilities and personalities. Some of the characters options are marksmen, burly fighters, and even images who help with magic when fighting an opponent.
When playing the game, the way you make your character stronger is being in the area when an enemy dies. This gives you experience points. When you get enough experience points you can receive an ability point that can make you a stronger.  Another way to get stronger is where you buy items using gold from your fallen enemies.
When you start the game you appear in the fountain, which is also your respawning point.  You start the game with gold so do not head out quite yet until you have bought a few items to face your first opponents. When heading out you can take the lane Top, Bot, or Mid. In between the lanes are shadow lands which contains monsters that when defeated will give you experience and gold, but they are tough for the inexperienced player.

Once you are ready to head into your enemy’s base they are guarded by turrets. You will need to destroy these turrets in order to get into their base. In the middle of their base is a Nexus. Even the most experience player can be taken down if they become a target.
When heading against a Nexus, you can send in your minions.  Working with your minions is your best bet to taking down not only the Nexus, but also the turrets. The turrets will attack your minions first, and then they will start attacking you.  If an enemy champion is within range the turret will start to attack you instead of your minions.

However sometimes enemy champions can take you by surprise and you can die. When that happens you will have to wait for your death timer to expire.  When you are waiting to respawn you do have the ability to buy items so you can comeback even stronger once you respawn.
There is a lot more to the League of Legends than just killing and mastering enemy turrets. There is an expanding world of champions to master along with your friends as a team. There is even a competitive part of the game where you try and outrank other players.
Remember, when starting your game have auto-bots, so you don’t have to control them when you learn the ropes. Once you learn the ropes you can battle computer controlled enemies, then move on to a harder challenge of playing other live gamers across the world. If you are up for the ultimate challenge there is a worldwide event that players travel to and play against each other in front of thousands of fans. Once you go, you can play and defeat some of the toughest players in the game.

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