Thursday, August 18, 2016

Basic Principles of Modern Art: Nicholas Welsch Preciado

Nicholas Welsch Preciado is an artist and designer interested in the basic principles of different art styles and themes.

Through his studies, he has gained a great deal of knowledge and insight on a variety of artistic styles. He enjoys sharing his knowledge about these topics in blog posts as well as his profile on Quora:

Below, Nicholas Welsch Preciado explains the basic principles of modern art in great detail:

How can you define the principles of modern art?

Nicholas Welsch Preciado

Artistic works were not often produced as a result of requests from wealthy people or from the church institutions. The majority of artwork was based on different types of scenes that were based around a type of story or specifically to show the viewer something extraordinary.

The modern type of art was really established back in the Industrial Revolution time where there were rapid changes in technology, transport and the manufacture of goods. Highly mechanical types of transport were produced such as the steam engine and the actual subway made travel different.

When you allow people to travel to a greater extent, they can be encouraged to open up their view of the world and access new and innovative ideas. As an avid traveler, Nicholas Welsch Preciado has noticed the impact it has had on his creativity and perspective.

People were able to access the industrial types of jobs and the inner city in particular, flourished. Works such as the Sigmund Freud’ which was published called ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’ showed how the subconscious mind can be formed and many artists developed this exploration further. With different focuses available for their experiences, artists were gaining a new lease of life for their work.

Much of the work was symbolic as it encapsulated their dreams and how their most unusual ideas may be formed and presented in the form of modern art. Artists had a sort of freedom that they had not necessarily had or thought of before. This expression really showed how they could produce an unusual type of art without any concerns about how it may look.

With technology, art was able to be depicted on a different level, with more expressions used in color, materials, techniques and also the type of medium applied. Even photography was an area that was being rapidly developed and improved. This took on a whole new method of presenting the world as it was at the time. Nicholas Welsch Preciado is grateful for these advancements in technology that have allowed him to pursue a career in media design and digital gaming.

There are a variety of works that were made after 1880 when the avant-garde artists took a new and unexpected twist with a modern turn for the best. Avant-garde can be defined as a new and experimental idea in art, literature or music.

Avante-garde is a term that has been derived from French, to mean ‘advance guard’ or the literal term fore-guard / ‘vanguard’. This involves people that have a more experimental approach to art with respect to different cultures, art and even political views.

Avant-garde can actually be considered to portray modernism in its own right, as a result of postmodernism. There is a history of artists such as ‘Dada’ and ‘Situationists’ can be depicted around this era and there are some Language poets that can be mentioned in 1981 such as Maxine Kumin who was raised in Philadelphia and who won a Pulitzer prize for the “Up Country: Poems of New England”. She had 11 books of poetry published and she taught extensively at many colleges and universities. Over the course of his studies and education, Nicholas Welsch Preciado has taken great admiration to her work.

Avant-garde itself seeks to challenge the everyday boundaries of what is acceptable in society as normal and in culture. This type of art also encouraged social reform for ‘the people’ as a way to empower them.

Monday, June 20, 2016

NYC in the Summertime

Nicholas Welsch Preciado loves traveling to explore major cities and gain new experiences. One of his favorite places to travel is New York City.

Summertime is one of the best times to find yourself wandering around NYC. New York winters get cold and there are so many outdoor activities that can be inhibited by the frosty weather. If you are planning to visit New York City during the summer, here are some of the top activities you should add to your itinerary.

Have Brunch at a Café With Outdoor Seating

Having brunch in NYC is a must, especially if you happen to be there on a Sunday. Dive into some Mimosas and top rated cuisine while people watching in one of the world’s most bustling cities. Check out The Butcher’s Daughter, Bar Primi or Dudley’s for the full experience.

Nicholas Welsch Preciado - NYC Summertime

Spend an Afternoon in Central Park

Great weather makes for an even greater day spent in Central Park. It’s a must see tourist attraction but really can be unpleasant if you’re visiting during the winter time. When the sun is beaming, pack a picnic and head into the park for a day spent wandering. People watching here is the best but if you want a little more activity, try walking the shady paths, finding the John Lennon memorial or scouting out some of the street artists for an impromptu performance.

Have Cocktails on a Rooftop Bar

The nightlife in New York is one of the best in the world and a trip there wouldn’t be complete without having a few drinks. Because of the incredible views, many bars around the city have opened up their rooftops as an extension of their establishment. Check out the swanky atmosphere at places like The Press Lounge, Cantina Rooftop and VU Rooftop Bar.

Shop at The Flea Markets

Shopping in NYC is a given but with the gorgeous summer weather, you can make it an outdoors event. Check out some of the flea markets around the city like Brooklyn Flea, LIC Flea and Food or Queens International Night Market for some tasty snacks and unique buys.

Ask Nicholas Welsch Preciado more about his travel experiences and experiences in NYC on Quora:

Friday, May 20, 2016

Explaining League of Legends

Nicholas Welsch Preciado is an artist and designer currently pursuing a degree in Game Design at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Nicholas is also an avid gamer and has attended many conventions in his local area. One year at PAX Prime, Nicholas Welsch Preciado was selected to play against the CEO and Creators of League of Legends at the end of Season 2. This experience really pushed Nicholas forward in his pursuit for a career in this industry.

Nicholas Welsch Preciado - League of Legends

League of Legends is a team based strategy game. In the game you get to choose your character which all have different abilities and personalities. Some of the characters options are marksmen, burly fighters, and even images who help with magic when fighting an opponent.
When playing the game, the way you make your character stronger is being in the area when an enemy dies. This gives you experience points. When you get enough experience points you can receive an ability point that can make you a stronger.  Another way to get stronger is where you buy items using gold from your fallen enemies.
When you start the game you appear in the fountain, which is also your respawning point.  You start the game with gold so do not head out quite yet until you have bought a few items to face your first opponents. When heading out you can take the lane Top, Bot, or Mid. In between the lanes are shadow lands which contains monsters that when defeated will give you experience and gold, but they are tough for the inexperienced player.

Once you are ready to head into your enemy’s base they are guarded by turrets. You will need to destroy these turrets in order to get into their base. In the middle of their base is a Nexus. Even the most experience player can be taken down if they become a target.
When heading against a Nexus, you can send in your minions.  Working with your minions is your best bet to taking down not only the Nexus, but also the turrets. The turrets will attack your minions first, and then they will start attacking you.  If an enemy champion is within range the turret will start to attack you instead of your minions.

However sometimes enemy champions can take you by surprise and you can die. When that happens you will have to wait for your death timer to expire.  When you are waiting to respawn you do have the ability to buy items so you can comeback even stronger once you respawn.
There is a lot more to the League of Legends than just killing and mastering enemy turrets. There is an expanding world of champions to master along with your friends as a team. There is even a competitive part of the game where you try and outrank other players.
Remember, when starting your game have auto-bots, so you don’t have to control them when you learn the ropes. Once you learn the ropes you can battle computer controlled enemies, then move on to a harder challenge of playing other live gamers across the world. If you are up for the ultimate challenge there is a worldwide event that players travel to and play against each other in front of thousands of fans. Once you go, you can play and defeat some of the toughest players in the game.

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